Our experienced technicians have helped businesses all over the United States increase their ROI and reduce maintenance cost of their commercial, industrial, or utility-scale solar assets. We offer a wide range of services to optimize and protect your valuable investment. Read more about how we can help your business increase the efficiency of your solar system.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Every day, your solar system is exposed to different kinds of soiling that can affect your panels' performance. Regular solar panel cleaning is a necessity in order to increase the performance of your array. By mitigating the soiling, you can increase solar panel production significantly – and thereby speed up your ROI.


Scrubbing Solar offers commercial and utility-scale solar panel cleaning services. Contact us today for a custom solar panel cleaning plan.

Increase Production and Expedite ROI

Automated Solar Cleaning System

Your solar system is a valuable investment worth protecting. Failing to maintain your panels properly can decrease production significantly, as well as put the panels at risk. 

We offer the world’s leading automated cleaning system for commercial solar, RST CleanTech. Once installed, you can control the system from your smartphone and never have to worry about it again.

Increase Energy Production Without the Hassle

Operations & Maintenance

Get it right the first time! We offer a professional inspection of your site before or after solar installation to make sure your site is optimized. Whether you are looking for preventative or corrective maintenance, or if your site needs an onsite toolshed, accessible waterlines, or dust control, we have the solution.

Prevent issues and optimize production

Drone-Powered Thermal Scanning

If you experience problems with your solar system but are not sure exactly what the issue is, drone-powered thermal scanning is a highly efficient method to diagnose any problems. We use infrared technology to take thermal images of your solar panels. This helps us identify where and what the issues are by detecting heat signatures such as hot spots, broken cells, defective strings and inverters, etc.


All of our maintenance packages includes an infrared thermal drone scan and 24 point inspection without getting into your electrical boxes.

Diagnose Issues Without the Hassle

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Pest Abatement

A pest infestation on your solar array can cause serious damage to your solar system. Whether you are currently experiencing problems with pigeons, mice, squirrels, or other pests – or if you just want to eliminate the problem before it occurs, we can help.

We specialize in pest abatement for all types of commercial solar systems. Contact us today for a quote and let us help protect your PV system.

Protect Your Panels from Pests and Vermin